Wednesday, September 9, 2015

8 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Swimwear

Do you worry about wearing swimwear in front of people? Do you wish you could rock it with confidence like the celebs? You’re in the right place! There’s no need to feel self conscious in your swimwear any longer. Take a look at these tips and change the way you feel:

  1. Know Your Body Type 
When you know your body type, you can pick swimwear that suits it perfectly. You won’t believe the difference wearing a suit that suits your body can make. You can really enhance your best features and balance out certain areas. You have so many choices. You might prefer a one piece swimsuit to a bikini; it doesn’t matter. There will always be a style to suit your body type!

2. Stand Up Straight

Don’t slouch when you’re wearing swimwear. Walk tall with your chest out and head up. Try to keep your tummy taught too. You’ll instantly look slimmer and so much more confident!
3. Think Confident Thoughts

Thinking confident thoughts can make a huge difference. You don’t need to be a bikini model to look incredible. If you tell yourself you look amazing and you believe it, then other people will too. That’s a fact!

4. Pamper Yourself

Take care of your appearance and you’ll always feel confident. Do your nails, moisturise your skin, make sure your hair is smooth and shiny. Focus on the smaller details and you’ll feel so much better when wearing your swimwear.

5. Focus on Your Diet

If you don’t already focus on what you’re putting into your body, you should. Eating natural food will keep you fuller for longer, and is much better for your health. If you eat lots of processed junk, you’ll crave more. This can lead to weight gain and an unhealthy body. When you feel healthy, you look so much better!

6. Get a Little Exercise

You don’t need to kill yourself in the gym to feel confident in your swimwear. Get a little exercise that you enjoy, and it can make a big difference. Even just going for a walk a few times a week can make a difference.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps to flush out fat and toxins. It’ll make your skin and eyes glow. It can also help you to shed even more weight than you usually would if you’re on a fat loss program. Get at least 2 litres in a day to see a big improvement!

8. Love Yourself

Finally, love yourself. Embrace your flaws and the things you love about yourself. See yourself as one big, beautiful picture rather than focuses on small bits you don’t like. Start loving yourself now, be kind to yourself, and you’ll feel so much more confident. Others will take notice too. This is the best, most effective way to feel confident in anything!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and they work well for you. Leave any tips of your own below! Thanks for reading, see you back here soon!


  1. Good food and lots of water. Can't stress their importance enough...